January notes from a Pool Pro


Well, we made it through Christmas and now it’s back to school for the kids and back to work for all us adults.


This time of year it is easy to forget about your pool when you are busy dealing with work schedules, homework, figuring out what to do for dinner, and most important figuring out; “what TV show is on tonight”.


Well don’t forget there is a pool in your back yard that still needs your attention. It is easy to get lax on monitoring pool chems this time of year since, if you forget to add chlorine for lets say 2 weeks in January, your pool is probably not going to turn green (no that is not a suggestion). Even if you forget the chlorine, it is still vitally important to monitor the pH and total alkalinity, otherwise when you get ready to start using your pool this spring you my find some nasty stains have developed due to chemical imbalance. Remember for most concrete type surfaces the proper chemical levels are 7.4 – 7.6 for pH and 90 - 120 adjusted total alkalinity. So please remember, with cold weather comes a break in using your pool, but you still need to monitor it to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Those of us with salt systems also need to remember one more thing, most salt chlorinators stop working at a water temperature somewhere in the mid 50°’s. So don’t freak out if you can’t get your unit to work properly if your pool is sitting at, let’s say 52°, your unit, at best, may produce at 25% of max output. So if you can’t maintain at least a 1.0 chlorine level during the colder months with your salt unit, you my find it necessary to substitute some chlorine tabs every couple weeks until the water warms up.

Hope these notes help, talk to you again next month.

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