February notes from a Pool Man

Notes from the Pool Man,


Well 2015 is now in full swing, and everyone is looking to pay off those lovely holiday credit card bills and swearing that next year we are not going to go so crazy on the gift buying. One way to help cover those credit card bills is to monitor your current spending. Did you know that your pool pump is the second largest power consumer on your house, second only to your A/C unit, costing as much as $600.00 per year for a 1hp motor? By adjusting the run time of your pump down this time of year you can help cut back on your energy bill and still keep your pool looking good. A good rule of thumb for most pools, with single speed pump, is to run your pool for 1 hour for every 10º of air temperature. So by cutting your pump run time from 10 to 12 hours a day in the summer to 5-6 hours a day in the winter you can save $25.00 to $30.00 per month on your electric bill, that can add up to $150.00 or more in yearly savings.

If you like this idea but know that there is no way you will ever remember change your pump timer settings, give us a call.  Instead of running too long in the winter charging you more, or not running long enough in the summer and leaving a green pool, we can install an Intermatic timer to do it for you.

These seasonal timers will make all the changes for you once programmed with the correct parameters and can save you money and piece of mind.

Hope these notes help, Talk to you again next month.

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