The Pool Cartridge Filter

Magnified and demystified

One of the most important aspects of proper pool maintenance is proper water flow through filtration.  Proper flow means lower energy cost, better quality water, less chemicals, and longer equipment life.  Cartridge filters are one of the more common filter medias.  

Cartridges have  a huge difference in quality and with that price.  Pricing differences are constantly raising concerns in the consumer's eye.  The most dramatic quality difference is in the filter media.  The poorest quality and thus generally the cheapest are no more than paper with the best being a true fabric.  Fabric technology is changing rapidly with major changes that mean easier to clean, greater dirt holding capabilities, and longer life.  Cartridge fabrics have different weights fabrics, some contain antimicrobial, and the best are of the newest and most advance designs.

Advances in cartridge development has led to  “point bonded” filtration fabric. This media contains more fibers per unit area to offer far greater volume and dirt holding capacity than other filtration fabrics. With reduced pore size distribution, the new fabrics provide superior filtration via unique localized cross flow filtration, which easily and efficiently captures dirt particles to achieve a deeper level of water cleanliness and clarity. With uniformly placed bonded weld spots and uniformly distributed fibers, the advanced-bonded fabric is strong and returns to a high state of original performance after cleaning.  A high-end manufacturing technology is used to create this new fabric, in which heat melts the fibers together. The result is a stronger fabric, which locks in the pore size distribution for capturing dirt of greater varied particle sizes, thus allowing the filter to clean the water faster and more efficiently.  Let B&L show you the difference between the paper, and  the different quality fabric cartridges.  When you want a cartridge that lasts longer, cleans easier, holds more dirt, and filters more efficiently, come to B&L for your cartridge needs.

We here at B&L are proud to carry Filbur and Pleatco filter cartridges which are some of the best on the market.

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