Shop locally

I had the pleasure being able to tour the plant located here in Phoenix.  I was surprised at how incredibly quickly and efficiently the entire process ran.  The products are made and delivered in the same day, guaranteeing freshness.  

Local company=money in the community we all live in. The opportunity to meet with the employees for Apex really gave me an accurate look at just how dedicated this company is to providing the best with little to no waste.

Using a closed piping system, the liquid chlorine and muriatic acid are packaged in an on-demand basis. This type of closed system prevents chemical vapors and waste. The strength of their pool products are quality tested every five pallets to make sure that every shipment is up to Apex standards. Products are packaged in gallon plastic bottles with child-resistant safety caps and distributed in high strength corrugated cartons. Safety and strength is of utmost concern. All of the products used are local-you can’t beat that!  

It is always a plus, when you are able to spend your money locally.  It's good for all of us in the community.  Come in and check out the liquid chlorine and muriatic acid that we are carrying from Apex Chemical Corporation.

Questions? or call (602) 242-5845  * 16427 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032