Sand Filters

Sand Filters

Sand filters in pools are used to extract impurities from the water by utilizing sand to collect debris as tiny as twenty microns. To discharge water waste, the sand filter must be backwashed (i.e., running the filter in reverse).  It is important to note that as a sand filter gets dirty it filters finer and finer particles.  So it becomes important to NOT backwash too often.  A clean sand filter will filter only to 20 microns as it gets dirty it can get down to 5 to 7 microns.  


Sand Filter Maintenance

Sand filters are relatively simple to maintain. 

Backwash Instructions

The sand filter should be backwashed whenever the pressure rises to 5-7lbs above normal “clean operating pressure”.  On a heavily used pool, this might be every couple of days.  On a lightly used home pool, this might only be once each week.  When a pool is professionally serviced, it should be backwashed on each visit.

Sand Change Instructions

The sand in the filter should be changed every two to three years on heavily used pools or pools with a lot of oil and every 5 to 7 years onnormally used pools.  Sometimes the sand can fail in as short as a year's time if oil, poor chemistry is maintained, or if the filter is abused.  If the water is cloudy and it is clearly not related to water chemistry, then check the condition of the sand and replace if needed. 

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