Plan a Summer Pool Party

The 4th of July is coming and that means fun and sun and family!  So how do you throw together the best and easiest pool party?  With a little planning, you can have the “it” party of the summer.

Invites!  There is no party to be had without the guests.  You can plan ahead and make your own crafty and ingenious individual invitations, or you can make it as simple and and easy as creating an event on facebook and inviting friends and family in just a few moments.  This also has the advantage of having guests rsvp easily right from their computer, tablet or phone , so you can get a head count.

Create a welcome and relaxed environment.  Adding twinkle lights or laterns throughout the backyard space gives a beautiful look.  Tables that are available in several areas of the yard, along with benches and other make shift seating areas allow time to kick back and just enjoy the company.  Seating could be as simple as benches made with concrete blocks and lumber.  Colorful pillows and beach towels can complete the look and add to comfort of the guests.

Supplies! When you think of a party - you think of food, drink and fun. But with a pool party you need to also think about the effects of the sun and heat on your company.  Several bottles of different sunscreens and ample water bottles in ice chests are a must have for any pool party.  It is also a good idea to have a fish bowl with spare sunglasses, hair ties, and hand held fans.  This just gives a feel that you have thought of everything. If children will be attending, pool toys, floaties, and other pool safety equipment should be available and easy at hand.  Beach towels should be available throughout the area as well.  When you have a head count - then you can prepare for the menu and what food and drinks will be needed.  

Make it easy - just because you are hosting doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun too!  Scatter ice chests with available drinks and have the chests labeled so everyone can serve themselves.  Finger foods in covered containers are easy and convenient for everyone.  Several trash cans for easy disposal will also save you on clean up time.  Disposable cups, plates and silverware are one option.  If you choose to use your dishes, set up an area near the hose to collect the dishes.  A plastic tub or laundry basket is an easy way to hold them during the party and wash off with the hose.  Simply rinse them off and take them inside to the dishwasher or sink at the end of the evening.

Prepping your pool for a high bather load will prevent issues after your party.  Shock and brush your pool thoroughly in the days before your party.  On the morning of, be sure to clean baskets, skim and vacuum out any debris, leaving your pool to shine.  A multicolored light can add ambiance to the evening as the sun goes down.  Floating light shows also add a touch of fun.  ALWAYS have a designated person to watch the children in and near the water.  You can never be too careful!

Most of all - HAVE FUN!! Enjoy your friends and family.  They are there to spend time with you, so don’t be running around trying to make everything perfect, laugh and share your time with the ones you love!

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