Pictures are key!!

Bring your pool to us! The first chance you get, take your phone with you out to your pool equipment pad. Take pictures of your entire equipment set up, in one shot. Then take individual pictures of your pump, filter, heater, salt chlorination system,  timer or automation, plumbing, valves, and anything else you think may be important. Make sure to take pictures of any identifying stickers or tags that will tell us the size or horse power of your equipment. Take a picture of your pool standing at the equipment, and then take several pictures of your pool from different angles. Make sure to get a picture of your cleaning system, skimmer assembly, and auto-leveler.

         Having good, clear pictures of all the equipment associated with your pool helps to eliminate the “guessing game” when you come into the store looking for a part. Instead of, “Hi, I need an O-ring for my pump-filter thingy”, you can say, “Hi, I need an O-ring for this.” and show us the picture on your phone. Nine times out of ten, we will recognize the piece of equipment and have the right part for you in a matter of seconds. If we don’t immediately recognize your equipment, we will use the information that we get from your pictures to find the part you need.  Bottom line; take Lots and LOTS of pictures!!!  Help us help you!    

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